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  • How do you pronounce your name?
    [Aah-ya] [Kha-LEEL]
  • Do you do school visits?
    At this time, I do a few mini virtual author visits. Check my author visits tab for more information
  • Where are you really from?
    I was born in Egypt and moved to the U.S. when I was one. Since then, I've moved to numerous stated and currently Ohio is my home.
  • What are your books about?
    My books are about family, tradition, love, social justice, friendship, languages, traditional food, intergenerational connections.
  • Do you have an agent?
    I do! He's amazing: Brent Taylor at Triada US.
  • I want to write a book too, can you help me?
    I'm afraid I do not have the time to do so. I try to do a few mentorships every now and then. I am now offering "Ask Me Anything" about publishing calls. Check under author services. I also post a lot of resources and information on my instagram: Also, I made a video with more information: Some other great resources: FInding an agent:,, and search on twitter: #MSWL
  • Where can I get your book at wholesale price for my bookstore/school?
    For The Night Before Eid, please email: with the ISBN, which is: 9780316319331
  • Can you read my manuscript?
    I do not offer critique services. Check out for editorial critiques or check out for critique services.
  • I want to pick your brain about writing picture, can we talk?
    Yes, feel free to visit my 'author services" tab for prices for Ask Me Anything (publishing related) if you want to hop on a call/zoom.
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